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Son Fantástico (2020) Robert Nathanson, guitar

Son Fantástico (2020)

For solo guitar      4 mins

Commissioned by guitarist, Robert Nathanson

Son Fantástico as interpreted by Robert Nathanson on his newly released CD, truly embodies what I love so much about the guitar. The music I compose for guitar, unlike many instruments and ensembles, resides firmly in an imagined world. This universe of sound "is a miniature orchestra in itself" (Beethoven) where timbres and rhythms are fantastic and lyrical. And like all stringed instruments, the notes are most alive at the moment of execution. A single note on the guitar, when struck, immediately ripples in our ears and when the guitar is passionately strummed, it stirs up a sensuous urge for movement in a world where we, the listeners, "are a dream, an unfinished song". (Neruda) The 6/8 and 3/4 rhythms in the piece are characteristic of the "son" a category of Mexican folk music and dance. "Son" literally means "sound" in Spanish and I want to thank Rob for introducing me to this genre as it fit well with my predilection for brilliant sonorities that cascade over driving rhythms. Finally, I want to acknowledge his meticulous fingering and editing that will assist in the execution and interpretation of the piece.