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Music in So Many Words

In the late fall of this year (2022) I will begin producing a quarterly podcast that will feature guests and interviews exploring themes that inspire my work as a composer in our day and age.

The podcast will expand on some of my articles that illuminate the human interest side of making music. For example a recent audio article for Driftless Area Magazine.

Art We There Yet is an extraordinary initiative by artists José Luis Vílchez and Cora Rose. Their mission is to create art highlighting the challenges, diversity, and shared humanity of peoples across the Americas.

Aboard a school bus converted into an art and recording studio, they are traveling 30,000 miles across North, Central, and South America. Creating a vast portfolio of visual art and music inspired by the people and landscapes of the Americas and providing free murals and arts workshops in underserved communities along the way.

Cora Rose was raised in the Driftless and their visit in late September of last year, was the first homecoming concert since they began their project 26 months ago.

It will also incorporate elements of my series of interviews “TheComposerStudio.Com on at the Air” on WDRT FM 91.9 in Viroqua, WI. available on my SoundCloud channel: