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All That I Am, Endures

Nine Nocturnes for solo piano 

William Neil, composer-pianist

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TheComposerStudio.Com presents

The release of All That I Am, Endures:  a recording of Nine Nocturnes for solo piano performed by composer-pianist William Neil

These evocations of the night explore the rich sonorities of nocturnal thought and emotion outside the realm of conscious awareness.  Illuminating multiple perspectives simultaneously on a single theme characterizes my solo piano music.  Romantic gestures, playful interludes, and exuberant sonorities make up these short pieces.  Christopher Neil, composed Nine Haiku reflecting on each of the nine nocturnes. Our collaboration has informed the interpretation and performance of these nine miniatures. The words and music embark the listener on a journey that embraces darkness leading the listener to a discovery of inspired endurance. Finally, hypnotherapist, Gayle O’Meara Nielsen incorporated the Nine Haiku in her guided meditation narration over my music that are featured in the twelve bonus tracks on this CD. Relax, breathe deep, and prepare for a journey to the subconscious! WGN

The recordings were made at Leithold Music in their recital hall piano showroom on a Yamaha GB1 PE 5′ piano.

Nocturne No. 1


Backwards I tumble

Falling once and then again

Dark encircles light.

Nocturne No. 2

Suddenly awake

A worn path winds through dreams where

Time bends in dark space.


Nocturne No. 3

Quietly you touch

Scopes of such lusciousness that

All that I am, endures.

Nocturne No. 4

Breath like a drumbeat

Softly keeping time

I am ghost and soul combined.


Nocturne No. 5

Lying in the dark

While drowning in memories

Is true suffering.

Nocturne No. 6

Enshrouded by night

The dawn, untethered, rises

A soft globe of thought.

Nocturne No. 7

Whisper quiet prayers

Secrets, oaths, and sacred vows:

Alchemy of dreams.

Nocturne No. 8

In an hourglass

Measured time unfolds

Whilst time keeps breathing.

Nocturne No. 9

In elegant bliss

Slumberous reverie yields

Reticent pleasures.

Cradlesong No. 1

Cradlesong No. 2

Cradlesong No. 3

All That I Am, Endures

Nine Nocturnes for solo piano 


Radio Free Space Special Broadcast on WDRT in Viroqua

91.9 FM online.

Sunday, October 25th, 2020, 1PM to 2PM

I’ll host a Radio Free Space program with my guest, Gayle Nielsen, Hypnotist, and Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner.  We’ll hear excerpts from my new recording and discuss the origins of the music from a subconscious perspective. 

Listen the podcast from October 25th, program.

by William Neil, Gayle Nielsen, Christoper Neil


William Neil

William Neil


William Neil’s compositions present the listener with an intense brilliant effect (FANFARE MAGAZINE) and represents contemporary writing at its most intellectual probing  (CHICAGO TRIBUNE).  His extremely characteristic harmonic world  (CLASSICAL CD REVIEW) is fundamental to the unfolding of his music, and the range of sonic experiences (in his music) is astounding (SOUNDBOARD). 

Recent CD releases have featured his music including Out of Darkness Into Light on Ravello Records, Spiritual Adaptation to Higher Altitudes on Mark Masters Recordings and Six Preludes for piano on PnOVA Recordings.   His music will be featured on several live broadcasts on WFMT radio in Chicago in 2019 including his Six Preludes for piano solo by pianist Martin Jones.  In September of 2020, Neil served as an Artist in Residence at Badlands National Park in South Dakota. 

Gayle Nielsen

Gayle Nielsen


Gayle left behind a corporate career in 2002 to engage with her passion for exploring the power and potential of human consciousness. Through the diverse tools of various consciousness technologies, including hypnosis and energetic methods, she assists and educates clients in overcoming obstacles, improving their lives and discovering their true potential.

Christopher Neil

Christopher Neil


Christopher Neil is an aspiring writer and avid lover of Shakespeare. He has an extensive background in theatre arts, achieving his BA in theatre as well as developing a theatre company in Chicago, IL (Oracle Productions, NFP), serving for 11 years as a company member and member of the board of directors. Chris has a deep respect for the art of Haiku, so it was truly a pleasure to have been asked to participate in creating these meaningful nocturnes, elegant and simple, yet powerful in their adherence to the haiku formulae. Chris resides in North Carolina and is currently working on the first draft of a play for the stage.


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