OUT OF THIS WORLD, DOWN TO EARTH programming proposal

Ann and Mary Ellen,

I would like to suggest the follow songs from my catalogue that might fit with your theme for your April Concert.  Of course, I will transpose to fit your voice, Ann,if need be. WN

From The Waters are Shaking the Moon  (12 songs on poems by D.H. Lawrence)

Here is a link to view the score:


Here is a link to CD Baby with audio excerpts

Here is a link to my writings page with an article that wrote about composing the song cycle.

Here are the songs that I suggest looking at:

The Hostile Sun


Sometimes the sun turns hostile to men

when the daytime consciousness has got overweening

when thoughts are stiff, like old leaves

and ideas are hard, like acorns ready to fall.

Then sun turns hostile to us

and bites at our throats and chests

as he bites at the stems of leaves in autumn, to make them fall.

Then we suffer , and though the sun bronzes us

we fell him strangling even more the issues of our soul

for he is hostile to all the old leafy foliage of our thoughts

and the old upward flowing of our sap, the pressure of our

upward flow of felling

is against him.

Then only under the moon, cool and unconcerned

calm with the calm of scimitars and brilliant reaping hooks

sweeping the curve of space and mowing the silence

we have peace.  (used by permission from The Estate of Frieda Lawrence Ravagli)

Reach Over (D.H. Lawrence wrote this poem to honor is father and the other miners who toiled in the mines)

Reach over, then, reach over

across the chasm

in the dark.

I am coming down

down to the levels where you have stayed.

I am coming back.

But between us still

lies a chasm

though it narrows now,

perhaps one could step across.

But reach over, reach over

and give me a hand.

I come back to  you

men dumb in the dusk

but men.

and dearer to me

than everything else

then woman or triumph, money of success

men in the dusk


but masculine as the sun,

waiting for the sun to rise on you.

Reach over, then, reach over

And let us embrace.


From my new song cycle A Feather in a Shell   (songs on my own original texts, translated into Italian by Nick Ceramella )

This song would speak to the connection between a mother and her child, mother and mother-earth)

Here is a pdf of the score:

Ode a un Ragno

Ode to an Orb Weaver
Great baby-ball belly, a melon roundness, gently rises and falls at each breath.
Gigantic girth cradles the womb, fertile as the darkest amazonian earth.
A silken thread is extracted through the navel as the music of Bach plays on silver cords of an orb weaver’s web.
The spider watches from the corner of the garden. In the shadow of sleep,
each breath is a single note in the minor key of acquiescence.
The rhythm of a drum is felt from deep within. While you sleep, I swim in a torrential sea that moves beneath us.
The ocean fills the bathtub and on a moonless night, you rise from the water chanting spiritus asper, spiritus lenis, until voice and breath are one.
The dark and dreadful music suddenly changes to a major key and At dawn a cargo of sunshine arrives at your beside.
The rain has washed the garden clean. Your breasts firm like unripened grapes soften in the sun and are filled with sweet nectar.
Our fingers touch where the spider has rebuilt his web.

Ode a un ragno

Grande pancia-palla di pupo, una rotondità da melone, si alza e si abbassa ad ogni respiro. Un’enorme circonferenza culla il grembo, fertile come la terra amazzonica più scura. Un filo di seta viene estratto dall’ombelico mentre la musica di Bach è suonata sulle corde d’argento della tela di un ragno. Il ragno osserva dall’angolo del giardino. Nell’ombra del sonno, ciascun respiro è una sola nota nella chiave minore dell’acquiescenza. Il ritmo di un tamburo si sente dall’ intimo. Mentre tu dormi, io nuoto in un mare torrenziale che si muove sotto di noi. L’oceano riempie la vasca da bagno e in una notte di luna piena, tu ti ergi dalle acque cantando spiritus asper, spiritus lenis, finchè la voce e il respiro non si fondono. La musica fosca e spaventosa cambia improvvisamente  in una chiave maggiore e all’alba un cargo di luce solare raggiunge il tuo letto. La pioggia ha ben ripulito il giardino. I tuoi seni turgidi come uva acerba si raddolciscono al sole e si riempiono di dolce nettare. Le nostre dita toccano dove il ragno ha ritessuto la sua tela.


Amish Plough Sarabande   (The relationship to the earth)
Like the slow and steady pulse of a pocket watch, held neatly in the vest pocket, the blades of the plough silently slip into the black earth.
And with each measured pace of the horses gait, the soil is sliced, drawn up and then gently laid down in a dark wake of terra sea.
And from this distance, the harnessed team, plough, and ploughman float serenely in perfect harmony with horizon and meadow.

Here is a pdf of the score:

Amish Sarabande

Here is a link to a youtube of the performance of the song in Rome

Finally, from my song cycle Figures on a Hill

The Mountaineer