Welcome to TheComposerStudio.Com LLC!  The studio publishes the music of  William Neil provided digital and print scores. The studio as provides production elements for the performance, broadcast and recording of his music.   The studio is also dedicated to the most innovative and creative  applications of sound and music to enhance the effectiveness of imagery and architecture.     Our mission is to bring voice to those individuals and organizations that are making a difference in our world with their initiatives, products, services and activism.   Composer William Neil directs the creative and artistic aspects of our work.  He has over thirty years of experience composing contemporary classical music for many gifted performers and ensembles.  We maintain the highest regard for your vision and goals as the process unfolds.  Our preliminary discussion will serve to identify your goals and determine the various approaches we make take in developing a score or sound design.  Demo files demonstrating several creative solutions at the same time can be produced.  The finish sound file(s) can be uploaded or delivered as a CD in the entire range of formats used in video and audio media work.  Finally,  The ComposerStudio.Com will be available for post delivery editing if necessary.   Our fees range from  $50 to $1,000 per minute of sound or music depending on the length and scale of the project.


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Studio and Equipment

Our work is supported by a MacPro4 with a Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor with a ATI Radon HD graphics card.    We integrate various software programs in creating and producing our content including Sibelius, Logic, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, and Final Cut.   We have a mobile recording unit and access to a state of the art recording studio.

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